White Granite Worktops

Design Ideas for White Granite

Pulling off a killer look for your kitchen is not as hard as it sounds! With some tips and tricks and an adventurous and daring attitude, you can transform your kitchen’s look to something absolutely stunning and original. The most important aspect in renovating a room is choosing the perfect color scheme that fits the room dimensions and also general usage. As for your kitchen; a spot that should be cozy, warm and inviting, the countertop plays the major role in accentuating the room’s vibe and look. If you are considering Granite for your kitchen worktop, then we are happy to tell you that granite is available in a variety of shades from the dark to the neutral ones and some exotic and bespoke colors can be provided too.

Introduce your kitchen to more brightness and openness with white granite.

If you are a person who likes an airy, lustrous look that makes your kitchen looks bigger and wider, then a white granite top will be your ultimate choice! Granite white shades are many and vary from the plain white to the creamy hues; with or without mirror or glass flecks. The result a white granite top can make in a kitchen is spectacular; your kitchen will not only appear wider and more spacious, but also it will evoke more openness and brightness into the kitchen, making it a comfortable and relaxing place. There are various designing ideas for a white countertop that would make it look even more stunning.

Artico Quartz

Artico Quartz

Leopard white granite worktop

Leopard white granite





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A Monochrome Theme

This is a classic combination that always remains chic and never gets out of style. Pair your white granite worktop with black or dark wooden cabinets and you will be fascinated by how they blend seamlessly, achieving a smart and elegant look. Complement this look with a chess pattern backsplash or even floor tiles. Kill the monotonous feel by adding something green in the kitchen; flowers, plants should always be there to induce some warmth!

Pair your white top with Mosaic backsplash for an off-beat look!

Mosaic backsplashes are an elegant trend these days. Its richness in detail and pattern, along with its wide array of available colors can beautifully transform the entire look of a kitchen! If you are going for an all white theme, with your white granite top combined with white cabinets, you can opt for colorful mosaic backsplash to achieve a stunning contrast. If you are opting for a monochrome theme, or pairing your white granite top with wooden cabinets, mosaic backsplashes will also accentuate the look!

Add wood for a country look

The wooden cabinets in any kitchen are something timelessly elegant. Pairing your white granite work surface with wooden cabinets will give you a look that is far away from dull, but rather a vibe that is full of warmth and intimacy which is essential in any kitchen!

At Graniteworktops8 Co, you can find astonishing white granite tops among our huge collection of topnotch granite. Contact us now to order samples or for a free quote, or ask to speak to one of our specialists to help you out in designing the kitchen of your dreams!

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