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The following lists a summary of the terms and conditions of Graniteworktops8.co.uk Pvt. Ltd. For detailed queries about any particular terms and conditions please contact us at: info@graniteworktops8.co.uk

Use of Documents:

Permission to use documentary releases (white paper, press release etc) is allowed, provided it conforms to certain rules as:

The use of all documents from this server is for informational and non-commercial use only. Adequate and proper certified permission must be sought from us before they can be hosted on any third party forums or servers. Use for any unauthorized purpose is expressly prohibited by law and any violation may lead to severe criminal or civil persecution and liabilities.

The complete risk arising out of the use of the data provided rests with the user and under no conditions whatsoever will Granite worktops 8 Pvt. Ltd or its direct partners be liable for any damages.

Links to third party websites:

All links arising from this website is only provided for the convenience of its users. GW8 accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy of information or damages arising from the use of the information.

Trademark and copyright policy:

Graniteworktops8.co.uk and graniteworktops8 logo and associated graphics as well as content are trademarks/ registered trademarks/copyrights of GW8 Ltd. They may not be reproduced, stored, modified in any way without the explicit permission of the concerned owners. Any violations in this regard may be dealt with severely under the fullest extent of the law.

This website is hosted under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom and subjected to British Law and its subsequent amendments.

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