Star Galaxy Granite

Finding the perfect worktop for your kitchen or bathroom does not have to be such a hard chore. Take the short way out and do not go through the granite versus quartz hassle. Choose the natural stone of the two, according to your needs and, most importantly, your passion. What is certain is that granite can sure add an elegant and sophisticated edge to your kitchen or bathroom.  Your granite worktops will be masterpieces. You can spend hours just exploring the fleck patterns and admiring Mother Nature’s creation.

The natural stone

Granite is mined from different places around the globe. The fact that granite is natural all the way through, gives it its beauty and value. Your home might be located in the UK, but your granite worktop may have traveled from India, China, or even Brazil to be part of your home.

Granite is formed from volcanic eruptions; once the hot magma is cooled, it turns into the dense and tough granite rock. This makes each granite slab one of a kind. The different cooling methods are the factors responsible for the fleck patterns as well as the colors of granite. Nothing is manmade; it is a purely natural rock, offering a vintage look for any kitchen or bathroom.

Properties of granite as a worktop

Granite is the perfect stone for worktops around the house. Coming from the volcano magma, it is incredibly hard. Its toughness contributes to its long durability. Your granite worktop can last a lifetime. It is also scratch resistant, so there is no need to safe guard it. You can enjoy your granite worktop without worrying so much about anything that could ruin it for you. Let your kids enjoy helping you out in the kitchen or even have a baking session. Regardless to that voice in your head telling you their little inexperienced hands might scratch and mess up your granite countertop.

The granite myth

The biggest myth about granite is that it requires a lot of maintenance and that it will lose its polish over time. Granite countertops are the total opposite. Granite is easily cleaned with mild soap and water, so it is a relatively low effort job to clean it up. The only thing you should keep in mind is that your granite worktops will require resealing annually. It is a 15-minute job so it should not be a huge dilemma.  Granite can also shine for many years to come without losing any of its polish. The fact that it is scratch resistant also prevents any wearing signs to show due to heavy use.

Pick a timeless color

When choosing a granite color to fit either your kitchen or bathroom, try to go for a color that will not be outdated in a few years. Think of the perfect black dress that can be suitable for mornings, afternoons, or night times. The black dress that can be put on anytime and anywhere and would look just right. Star galaxy granite is just that.

Star galaxy or black galaxy is a black stone with copper and bronze or gold flecks. Since granite is a natural rock, the black background can contain a greenish tinge. It is mined from South India and can be referred to under many names such as galaxy gold and Nero star galaxy.  It can also be confused with black quartz. The difference lies in the flecks’ color. Black quartz has mirror silver flecks, while star galaxy granite has gold ones.

Star galaxy granite has a glossy surface that can contrast all types of kitchen accessories such door handles, cabinet handles, and sinks. It can also match the taps and stainless steel appliances.  Star galaxy can certainly be the eye-catching factor in your kitchen, adding just the right amount of zing and bling.

What are you waiting for?

Do not hesitate to place your order now. Your granite worktop will be on its way to you in no time. Go the extra mile and order the timeless star galaxy granite. Add some bling to your kitchen or bathroom. You will not regret it. Do not deny yourself the super star feeling that star galaxy granite bring you. We guarantee quick and professional services. Everything is easy with us so do not worry about quality or money. Hurry up and order now.

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