Granite Worktops Review- Making The Right Decision

Granite worktops review can be extremely useful when people wish to buy a worktop for their kitchen. There are a large number of materials which are available for making worktops such as laminate and granite etc and therefore settling on one material can be highly difficult. The worktop we will be reviewing here can provide a honed and matte finish to a worktop which is highly subtle and thus appealing to a lot of people.

How to Care for the Worktop:

The main purpose of such reviews is that they enlist all the benefits and disadvantages and also provide information about how to care for them. Both pressure and heat can be withstood by this stone and therefore pots directly off the stove can be handled easily by it. However, the edges of the worktops start chipping if knocked against and it scratches easily. The recommended counter treatment for granite is mineral oil. Scratches will become less visible as it disguises them. Also, as per the granite worktops review, a stone cleaner or a mild detergent should be used to wash the slabs or worktops.

The surface of this stone is also deemed to be porous than other materials available due to which staining needs to be impeded. This can be done by sealing the worktop which can prevent stains for a long time.

The Appearance

Traditionally, this stone was used for flooring and roofing purposes but as per the reviews, it has become a popular material for worktops as well. One of the major reasons behind this is the appearance of this beautiful naturally occuring stone which enables it to be versatile and work with both vintage and modern outlooks. Apart from that, as compared to other materials of worktops, this stone is more muted in pattern, tone and colours. Grey and black granite worktops are the most popular shades of  but recently cyan and green shades have also become in demand.

Reviews also indicates that usually antiquated, worn and rustic appearing rooms make use of these worktops. With time, this stone ages and settles and therefore can provide a rugged appearance. Furthermore, when mineral oil is used on it to hide scratches, the stone will darken and will get a patina as time passes.

It is also a bit pricey so people are looking for suppliers who can offer a discount or a reasonable price for it. In addition, quality is also an issue which exists. Nevertheless, people can check out our website if they are looking for worktops in natural stones. We have a huge variety of worktops in different shades at a wholesale charge. Direct delivery to your doorstep is also available and in terms of quality, we rank as the best supplier in the whole of UK. You can check out granite worktops review to confirm this fact and then make your purchases!

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