How to Restore a Dulling Granite Worktop?

What You’ll Need From the Supply Cabinet:

If you want to give your granite countertop a good polish, make it look as bright and shiny as the first day you installed it. All you need are a few materials that will give you that dazzling effect. Don’t worry, with our how-to tips, we’ll have you look at your reflection through your countertop, not your mirror. You will need a rag, lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Or you can just buy granite cleaner and a granite polisher.

What To Do:

With the rag and mild detergent, if you’re granite is of good quality, just clean your countertop on a regular basis. You can use just a rag, with warm water and a mild detergent, and start scrubbing.

However, there is a more recommended technique to polishing your worktop; you’ll use your granite cleaner and granite polisher for this one. First clean the surfaces with your granite worktop make sure you clean it thoroughly and carefully. After drying it off with a rag, you’ll use your granite polisher. Apply the polisher on your granite countertop surface and let it seep through. Do not be deceived, even though these are the best qualities of polishers, the granite surfaces are still susceptible to residue settling in and the surfaces can turn dull over time. However, that is very rare.

To make sure that the polisher has done its effect on the surface, pour a little water on the countertop. If the water begins to come together quickly, then you have done your job correctly and the polish will last for a few months or until the next time you want to polish your granite countertops again.

Now if you stand back, you’ll see how shiny and bright your countertops look, as good as new.

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