Granite Worktops Prices – Checking Your Budget!

Granite worktop prices often act as a deterrent for people when they are looking for worktops for their new or redesigned kitchen. Usually, when looking for a material for their worktop, the first thing to consider is the cost. Wood and Laminate worktops are a cheap alternative, but the benefits of these are limited and none match the beauty or durability of granite.

It is a natural stone and has been in use for thousands of years for a multitude of purposes. When looking at the cost, you will find that the prices being charged are higher compared to wooden, laminate and other worktops. We will now explain the reason for this and the benefits of selecting this over other cheaper options.

Why are Granite’s Prices Higher?

At first glance it could be disappointing when comparing the price of natural stone worktops to other options. But there are several reasons why these worktops cost more in comparison to others. The main reason being the nature of the material; it is natural and needs to be mined. This is followed by an extensive process of cutting, polishing and distribution to the warehouse, all which add to the price of the product.

Once you select a colour, there is a cost for tailored cutting. This may include sink and hob cutouts as per your requirements. Certain cutouts will need additional polishing (e.g. under-mounted sink cutouts). Once this process is complete, your new worktops are ready to be delivered to you (which again affects the price. This is then concluded with the installation of the tops.

Hopefully this short explanation of the process of this natural stone, from the mine to your home, has helped you understand why granite is worth the price.

Don’t Forget Its Unparalleled Benefits

Being a natural stone, granite is extremely durable and therefore cost-effective in the long run.

Granite work surface prices can be justified by the element’s uniqueness alone. Every line in every pattern, every blemish and blend of colours is a result of thousands of years of formation. Furthermore, its tough surface helps keep scratches to a minimum and ensures that it remains in excellent condition for a lifetime.

When wishing to purchase, heavily discounted prices offered by some companies can be very alluring. However, we have helped so many customers over the years that fell into the hands of such companies, from unfinished installations to cracked granite.

A comparison between UK suppliers will reveal that our pricing policy is extremely reasonable and can meet all kinds of budget. You no longer have to give up this natural stone and can get it direct from us to your desired location with our prompt service. Browse through the different patterns and colours available and take advantage of our amazing granite worktops prices today.


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