Leopard white granite

Leopard White Granite SlabAre you a wild life fan, a nature buff, or an animal lover? Do you spend a lot of time watching national geographic or just simply fantasize about taking a trip to the wild? Are you adventurous at heart but is held hostage by fast lifestyle? If you are anything close to this, then you definitely need something from nature to make you live the dream at the safe comfort of your own house. Thus, what does imply nature more than a completely dug-out-from-nature granite piece at the ease of your kitchen table.

Quality and Durability
Have you ever heard the phrase a “leopard can’t change its spots”, well this line without a doubt was made to define this Leopard white granite design, because no matter how much time passes by, those spots will literally never change or fade away. Not to mention, having all the famous, incredible, granite traits such as:

Endurance: Granite can stand the test of time. It will last a lifetime, and the only reason you would want to change it is to try a new design.
Strength: It can withstand all kinds of hardships and pressure. Hence, don’t be anxious about how much weight it can stand, nor be alarmed for the possibility that it might crack under pressure.
Non scratch able: Cut, mince, or even place your pets fighting over the worktop, not even a scratch would be noticed.
Heat resistant: It’s made from cooling lava, so it definitely can withstand really high temperatures. You will not even need to use a hot pad for all your hot plates.
Stain resistant: Granite is totally nonabsorbent. Therefore, no more worries about leaving a stain behind. In fact, you will not even have to use a coaster.
Easy cleansing: You would only need to use soap, water and a piece
of cloth. No more worries about cleaning nightmares, you can just
sit back and relax.

There are many more amazing qualities of the infamous granite, it’s almost fault free, thus, making it everybody’s perfect choice. Nevertheless, the one thing you should put in mind is to annually reseal your worktops to preserve its essence which will only take less
than 10 minutes of your day.

A picture is worth a thousand words
That’s exactly what you are getting by choosing Leopard white granite pattern; a portrait that paints all the aspects of wild life.

Picture this; you are walking into your kitchen to wash your daily dishes, feeling bored and annoyed, then your eyes fall on your Leopard white granite countertop. Instead of feeling all furious about that huge pile of dishes in front of you, your imagination will get you distracted by that picture of a leopard slowly approaching his prey. By the time you wake up from the effect of this mesmerizing picture; the dishes would be done.

So whether you have a soft spot for animals or you are just a fan of the wild life, Leopard white granite vanity tops and countertops are your definite choice. The design is a masterpiece itself. It will surely give your place an elegant and sophisticated appearance that all your guests will envy you for.


Whether it’s a kitchen worktop, or a bathroom vanity top, a hotel or a household, Leopard white granite is your elegant pick. This amazing leopard design will match your kitchen style, color and, most importantly, it will show off your own exceptional personal taste.

Show off your true nature

We don’t only offer excellent granite quality, but we also provide excellent customer service. Our professional team is prepared to answer your every question and take up all of your suggestions. Not to mention our exquisitely talented designers who are ready to style your every order according to your personal preference. In addition to our very capable and efficient stonemasons who are well known for their perfection and thoroughness in carrying out their job.

Once you place your order, and as soon as it is shipped from our quarry, it will take us about 48 hours of business days to have your order delivered, installed and ready for use.
What are you waiting for? “Carpe diem”. Place your order of Leopard white granite counter tops and vanity tops now and join the elite society through our gates, it’s worth every penny.

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