Kashmir Gold Granite

Kashmir gold granite worktopYou do not have to remodel your whole kitchen to sense a change. Just changing your kitchen countertops can do the trick. No need for huge renovation projects and wasted time and money. You can spend your money wisely on granite worktops. You will not need to change anything else in the kitchen as the granite kitchen countertops will be eye catching and stylish. Also not too much work is required to install them, which is a huge plus.

Granite Must-Know Facts

Granite is a rock quarried from earth. It is all natural and elegant. There are no two granite slabs that look alike 100 percent. This makes the granite worktop you have one of a kind since its patterns are unique. In addition, even if your neighbor or friend ends up having the same coloured granite worktop in their kitchen, you will not feel that you both have the same worktop. Since granite is a natural rock, the vein patterns and specks make every slab special in its own way.

Granite worktops have many properties that qualify them to be a part of any kitchen. Granite worktops are stain and scratch resistant, which gives you the luxury of laying back and relaxing. You will not need to be extra careful while working in your kitchen because of the fear of damaging your worktop. In addition, granite is highly durable, so with proper care your granite worktop can last for many years.

A lot may argue that granite is limited to just a few colours. This is not fully true. Granite is available in a range of colours but not a wide range of colours.  It is a natural rock so it cannot be tailored to every colour known to humankind. Unfortunately, Mother Nature does not always work our way, but the uniqueness of each granite slab can make up for the so-called limit of colours.

One of the most sophisticated colours of granite is Kashmir gold. Its name alone is sophisticated enough, don’t you think?

Kashmir Gold Does Match Its Name

Kashmir gold is one of the most elegant colours of granite. It takes any kitchen to a completely new level. Kashmir gold granite consists of different shades of reds and golds in a sandy yellow or golden base. What is more, some orange and black specks may be visible. It defiantly can brighten just any kitchen as well as add a rich edge to it. It is originally mined in India, which not only gives a luxurious look to your kitchen but also adds value to your home as a whole.

Kashmir gold granite is suitable for any kitchen style. Whether it is a classic or modern style kitchen, this granite is sure to give the wow factor. These granite countertops don’t only fit any kitchen style but also any cabinet colour. Whether your kitchen cabinets are red, brown, or even white, Kashmir gold granite worktops will complete the perfect picture of a dream kitchen. Moreover, this granite colour goes very well with the stainless steel appliances that are now present in every kitchen.

One of the other pros of Kashmir gold granite is ease of clean up. Although any colour of granite worktop is stain resistance, Kashmir gold granite is considered a light colour, which will make any stain very visible. Seeing the stains is greater part of the job when cleanup is required. If you can’t see it, you surely can’t clean it.

Few Hints on the Way

We strongly advise you to check the strength of the cabinets that the granite worktop is intended to go on top. Granite is a relatively heavy rock, which some cabinets can’t withstand. The heaviness of the granite worktop makes it a very durable worktop, but it is important to make sure that your kitchen cabinets are durable as well. Other than that, granite should work well in your kitchen.

Are we the right people for the job?

Visit our website for more information and pictures of the Kashmir gold granite we have. Our offered prices are very hard to beat. Our Kashmir gold granite is guaranteed to be the best in the market. We can deliver any shape and size of granite slabs to your doorstep. We also have highly qualified installment staff to give you the best finish. Don’t think twice about choosing us.

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