Ivory Cream Granite

Ivory cream granite worktopWhen remodeling your kitchen, you are sure to face the granite versus quartz dilemma. Furthermore, after a lot of researching, granite will probably turn out to be the better stone to use as a kitchen top. However, even after deciding on granite there are a few granite stones out there that require another decision. Amongst these choices is the elegant ivory cream granite worktop.

What does ivory cream granite look like?

This granite is a semi-consistent light gray stone with a sandy texture.  In addition, some golden yellow highlights and black speckling is strongly evident. You know that granite is an all-natural rock, making it rustic yet extravagant. Ivory cream granite is just that. It provides an earthy, rustic look to the kitchen, yet lavishness and elegance are very predominant. The visible vein patterns of granite give it the natural look as well. Typically, this colour granite granite originates in India, making it such a unique piece of art.

Other common industry names of this granite are colonial gold and millennium cream. They all describe the pattern of ivory, gold, and dark veins.

Advantages of ivory cream kitchen countertops

You know that granite in general is stain resistant. This is a huge advantage of granite but ivory cream granite takes it to another level.  It will be extremely easy to spot any stain. How many times have you spilled something on your kitchen counter, managed to clean it up and after you are done you discover a few drops here and there that you did not see while cleaning the mess. The light color will make any stain or speck very visible. If you can see it, you will easily clean it.

If you were to attempt any delicate work in your kitchen like cake decorating or mini pastries, the ivory cream countertop provides the perfect setting. Not only because of its soothing color but also because you can easily spot anything you may drop, a few sprinkles, some icing or even caviar.

Another advantage of granite is scratch resistance. It is a strong and durable rock, yet some people may still be concerned about scratches. Should you be one of them, ivory cream granite solves the issue. If by all means and joined forces you were to scratch the kitchen worktop, and even if some damage does take place (which is practically impossible) it will not be visible. The light background of the this granite colour can camouflage it all up.

Ivory Cream Granite Top Is Totally Style-Able-ish

This granite colour can work well with any kitchen style. Whether the cabinets are light or dark, ivory cream granite can perfectly fit them both. If the cabinets are white or off white, the granite can complete the flow of color in the kitchen without any disturbance. The whole vibe of the kitchen will be peace and tranquility. On the other hand, if the kitchen cabinets are brown for instance, ivory cream granite will add color and excitement to the kitchen. It can also interrupt the boredom resulting from the dark cabinets. 

The everlasting kitchen style

After all the energy and money you spent on remodeling your kitchen, you surely do not want to attempt remodeling again anytime soon. You need to pick a kitchen style that will not become out of style in a year or so. This is why going for the classical white kitchen is a very smart move.

The cabinets in the classical kitchen style are white or off white, where again ease of spotting dirt or stains is feasible. The light colored cabinets also will seem to enlarge the kitchen and that is something we all want, a bigger kitchen. Moreover, this granite colour perfectly suit the classic kitchen style. It adds smoothness and natural flow of colours throughout the whole kitchen as well as elegance but in a humble way. 

How can we help?

Now that we illustrated the benefits of ivory cream granite kitchen countertops, we can assure you the best granite quality. Do not hesitate to check out our website for the largest granite collection. We can bring the ivory cream granite from India all the way to your doorstep.

Just place your order and reserve your countertop masterpiece. It is as simple as that.

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