A How-To on Repairing A Chip on A Granite Worktop

What You’re Going to Need to Repair the Chip:     

Although granite is very hard to ruin, almost impossible; it is not immune to chipping. If you have a chip in your granite worktop, you can fix it in less than 20 minutes; all you need is the right supplies and steady hands. You’ll need granite cleaning spray and a granite repairing kit; in the kit, you’ll find everything you need for any mishap or accident that happens to your worktop. Make sure the granite kit is in the same shade as your granite surface, or you’ll have a part of your counter a whole different colour. Yikes!

The Steps to Fixing It:

First off, you’ll have to clean the chipped area with the cleaning spray. Then after cleaning it thoroughly, wipe it with a rag. The result should be that the area is clean and dry. After that, section the area that needs to be fixed using masking tape (from the granite repairing kit.) To make sure the masking tape is stuck to the countertop, use your fingers to smoothen it. Also from the granite repairing kit, mix the granite epoxy and add the colour that matches the countertop. A tip on the epoxy, it cannot be put away after mixed, so its best not to use more than necessary for the chipped area.

Add the epoxy on the wooden application of the area and smooth it out, carefully. Then, wait for 2 to 3 minutes for the epoxy to settle in the wood. If the epoxy has settled, add the epoxy solution to the chipped area and wait for the epoxy to resolve for another ten minutes. After that, use a razor sharp blade and smooth out the surface of the chipped area. (You don’t want any bumps.) Wait another hour and then remove the masking tape. Then you finished repairing the chipped area and it looks good as new,

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