Green Granite Worktops

Green Granite Worktop- A Unique Option!

A green granite worktop can be very appealing and lucrative for people when they are looking for a unique colour and material for their countertop. Kitchen worktops in UK can be made of a variety of materials but most of them have limited shades and colours. However, everyone wishes for their kitchen to stand out and remain different from the rest. Although there are a large number of suppliers of granite worktops, not everyone offers a green one to people. This particular colour is demanded by people as it’s extremely different and gives a cooler and muted appearance. Therefore, everyone wants it.

Emerald Pearl Granite Worktop

Emerald Pearl





The Story Behind the Colour

People commonly ask a question that if granite is a natural material than how a green granite worktop laminate is formed. Many people often assume that artificial methods are used to provide granite with this particular colour. However, this is untrue because this shade of granite is also provided by Mother Nature. Basically, granite is a metamorphic rock and is composed of different minerals. The composition of these minerals can affect the colour obtained by the stone. But why does this composition vary? This is as per the locality from where granite is quarried. So, this particular shade occurs because of the ratio of minerals like volcanic ash gives granite its grey colour.

Popularity of Green Granite Worktop:

Everyone wishes to buy a green granite worktop for their kitchen because it can give a natural and rustic appearance. Whether the kitchenette is of a traditional style or a modern one, this colour can complement the entire structure and appearance of the room. Moreover, the issue of stains and marks and scratches is greatly reduced in this particular shade because it can hide most of them. There are also cleaners which can be used on it without damaging the colour or the tone of it.

Green granite worktop laminate is useful and beneficial because of its uniqueness as well. No one wants to have the same worktop as others. This shade of granite can allow people to have a different and new look. This colour is demanded whether it’s India, China or any other country for that matter. The other properties of this shade of countertop are similar to other colours. There is a variation of tone and pattern which contributes to its beauty.

But the problem with this green granite worktop is that finding a supplier who offers it can be extremely difficult and hassling. Not many of them have this specific shade and even if they do, it is charged high. But if you are looking for a reasonable price for this granite colour, you don’t need to search much. We can assist you by providing this worktop at a wholesale price which can fulfil your budget requirements and at the same time meet your needs of uniqueness and luxury. You no longer have to settle for cheap laminate worktops as we can provide you with the green granite worktops you wish for!

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