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To describe granite, you’d hear the words magnificent, homey, and reliable. These words may be mere suggestions, but it is nothing compared to the actual uniqueness and beauty of the natural stone. Granite is actually a rock that comes from the Earth’s core; it is a solution made from magma and a variety of minerals like quartz or feldspar. It actually comes from the Latin word “granum,” which means grains. The rough texture actually gives the stone a unique and distinguishable feature. It is officially categorized as a rough-grained material, according to mineralogists. Although it is a new mineral in the industry of counter tops and tiling, like limestone, granite is more than a thousand years old.

What you should know, is that this stone has similar characteristics to other natural rocks.  Most natural rocks have porous surfaces. This means that fluids or remaining residue such as oil or water can get absorbed to the core, if the surface is not sealed properly. It is the second hardest natural stone to be found all over the world, the first being diamond. This rock is, however, considered to be very reliable for making countertop surfaces or tiles, because it is stronger than most materials and can handle daily and severe use. It is perfect for worktop surfaces because it can handle and endure great heat and pressure. By learning about the stone that you rely on in the kitchen is important because it will help you understand and appreciate the beauty of the stone.

To know exactly of the features of the rock, you must know where the rock was formed. You may find granite being found in mines all around the world, the highest volumes and significance comes from countries like: China, Brazil, India, Africa, Norway and perhaps Spain. Just by the colour, you can know where the rock is from, whether it is green, black or any colour. These worktops can be available in a number of finishes, such as honed, polished and brushed or flamed. Knowing these techniques gives the rock a different and special appearance.

There are a lot of reasons why these naturally-occurring rocks have become a favourite of people when it comes to choosing worktops. Our collection of natural-occurring rocks can offer people a large number of advantages. As we mentioned before, granite is a hard and strong stone that can withstand years of extensive use. As for the durability of worktops, this stone is unmatchable because it can last for a really long time. The appearance of the rock is another distinguishable property this stone possesses. Along with having natural beauty, it also radiates sophistication and elegance. With that characteristic, it gives kitchen a timeless and lasting appeal.

Granite worktops are very strong and they are allowed to resist any scratches and can handle heat. Granite allows your kitchen to be bright and vibrant just like the day you installed it. Another thing about this stone is that it is literally one-of-a-kind. There are no two identical stone slabs, so everyone will have their own worktop like no other. Taking care of the stone is also simple, once it’s been sealed. All you have to do is wipe using water and mild soap.

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