Emerald Pearl

You have probably read many articles about granite worktops and heard its many advantages. Elegance, durability, resistance to scratch, and resistance to heat are just a few to name. However, we are not here today to discuss just any granite stone. As you know, there are many different types of granite and they vary not only in colour and origin, but also in grading and quality. We are writing today about the best of the best in the world of granite or as the French would call it “la crème de la crème”. We are here to speak of emerald pearl granite and yes, it is as posh as it sounds.

What Does emerald Pearl Granite Look Like?

When I say the words emerald pearl granite people start asking is it emerald green or pearly white? Actually, it is comprised of flecks of green and silvers with undertones of white and grays. There is very little variation between different slabs of this type of granite and it looks just as good outdoors as it does indoors. Its dark colour makes it perfect for countertops and worktops as it will camouflage any spills and will always look clean. Its shiny emerald green colour will give your kitchen uniqueness as opposed to the traditional black and grey granite countertops. If you want a kitchen that is not just practical but also customized to your taste and does not look like just another traditional kitchen, then emerald Pearl  is just what you need! The emerald green colour will look outstanding in your kitchen and add value and elegance to your home. The pearly silver specks will brighten your granite countertop and will look like little diamonds on your counter.

Emerald Pearl Granite Is More Than a Granite Colour

This granite looks great almost everywhere. It looks good when used for flooring, on walls and is suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. It looks best, however, when it is produced into  kitchen worktops. Not to mention that it adds a luxurious feel to your kitchen and home. Emerald Pearl completes your rich natural high-end kitchen look and look best on white, beige, and wooden counters.

What Does this Granite Have More Than Other Granites?

  • The earthy green colour will add a natural look to your kitchen. Green is known to be the colours of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Green is also associated with strong emotional feeling of safety. That is a colour you want in your home! Dark green specifically is said to be related to money in the minds of people! This is all according to the psychology professors (no wonder the these worktops look very rich and classy)!
  • All granites have been reputed of having resistance to heat and scratches. However, not all granite stones are the same. The famous emerald pearl granite stone has shown to have very high resistance to heat! Moreover, if you ever do manage (with some super staining chemical and a lot of bad luck) to get a stain on this anti-stain countertop, it will be a hardly noticeable one as the deep green colour will camouflage your stain and keep your kitchen looking always clean. Or, let us say as good as the day you bought it.
  • These countertops are durable and strong. If you buy one of these, you should be sure that it will last you a lifetime.
  • What is really outstanding about these worktops is its lightweight and low density. An Emerald Pearl granite stone has a density of just 2.89g/cm3. “Why is this good news?” one might wonder. The lighter the weight of your stone, the more confident you would feel placing it on your counter without the fear of actually breaking your counter.
  • An kitchen top  made out of granite would show a water absorbance of 0.43%. What makes this stone an ideal one for usage in your kitchen is that the water droplets will blend in with the specked surface of an emerald pearl countertop and make them almost invisible!

Bring in Luxury to Your Life!

Convinced with buying an emerald pearl countertop yet? Add colour to your kitchen along with elegance and style by installing a naturally green kitchen countertop instead of going for a tinted material like those artificial cement counters. Now all that is left is that you order your dazzling emerald pearl worktop from a trusted source. Visit our website to checkout our latest offers.

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