Concreto: The Beautiful Grey

There are so many things you need to know about quartz. Quartz is a very common substance that is found in the Earth’s core. You can find quartz in every quarry, it is a very popular mineral. However, they are known for their use in watches and not in countertop surfaces. When quartz was finally discovered as an item used for countertop surfaces, it was realized that it was actually a very reliable substance. Quartz, although unpopular, it is a very reliable and beneficial mineral. It has a lot of stand-up qualities and astounding characteristics.

There are a lot of traits that you can find in quartz and we are merely going to mention a few. Quartz is known for its durability to heat, water and pressure. It is also immune to stains, fungal infections and bacterial contamination. This means that quartz is one-hundred percent sanitary and healthy for you and your family’s immune system. This rock is known for its non-porous effects, the residue and spills do not seep into the core of the surface, thus keeping it bright. Quartz also adds value to your home, making it look sophisticated and stylish with a contemporary appearance.

The best thing about quartz is its cleaning process, just like granite, it is simple and easy. You won’t need a special kind of bleach or a specific detergent. All you’ll need is lukewarm water, a rag and wipe away. The stain will swipe right off. Occasionally you’ll come across a stain or a spill that is brash and refuses to be removed; in that case, use a mild detergent and it’ll come right off. As for the polishing process, you’ll need a polishing spray that you can find in any hardware store. The polishing spray will keep your countertop surface shiny and bright for a long time. Along with its stand-up qualities, quartz is the only substance where you don’t have to seal it.

Concreto Quartz:

Concreto QuartzThere are so many colours concerning quartz, and just as many designs. There is a rumour that quartz is only one colour, silver. That is just it, a rumour. Quartz has countless colours and innumerable designs. One of the famous designs is concreto quartz. It is a much known colour that most of our clients demand to have. The colour is a very exquisite shade of grey, a very close range of snowy white. The concreto quartz is a shade of grey with flecks of white, dark grey and black; that gives it an abstract of its foreground. The flecks make it look 3-Dimensional, giving you the perfect outer appearance for your home.

As a firm, we’ve seen a lot of our clients make rash and impulsive choices concerning the colour of their countertop surfaces. However, them making the choice quickly and thoughtlessly, caused them to both regret their choice and hate their countertop surface every day they glance upon it; or they remodel their countertop surface and change the colour. So we urge you to think this decision thoroughly and carefully. That way you won’t regret it nor will you re-decorate your countertop surface, which is just a waste of time, energy and money! It would save you a lot of trouble if you just chose the right colour for you. If you need to narrow down your selection, just think of a colour that you wouldn’t mind seeing every day, every hour of the day. That way the selection will be narrowed and the decision won’t be as hard as it was, with a smaller palette to choose from.

What Can We Offer You?

As a firm, we are known as the best installation company in the UK, something we are very proud of. We are also the top supplier of quartz, and we supply quartz for clients all over the country. We supply quartz from our quarries in Brazil, Chile and India directly to your house. Don’t worry, there are no artificial alterations made. We offer one-hundred percent natural quartz! If you have any questions, or voice any concerns about anything, we are more than happy to help. You can contact us  for concreto quartz online or through the phone, don’t hesitate!

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