How to Clean Granite Worktops?

We understand how confusing it can be to have your granite cleaned with all the varying views of using this product but not this product so we’ve discovered how to keep granite clean by granite experts and the best part about keeping your countertop clean is that you don’t actually need any special cleaners to keep those granites clean and shiny.

The Do’s and Dont’s of Cleaning Granite

DO: Making sure your granite is sealed is the very first step of securing your countertop. As much as granite can be very tough with a very hard surface and its less porous than marble, unsealed or weakly sealed granite will soak up oils, spills, and stains. To know whether your granite countertop is sealed or not, try leaving a few drops of water on your granite for a few minutes, if it beads up then you are sure to have a secure sealed countertop, but if it has soaked into the granite, then you must start resealing the stone.  You must always wipe up any spills as soon as you notice them. To maintain a shiny and clean countertop always use warm water, mild or gentle dish soap and a nubby wash cloth or microfiber cloth for daily wipe down.

DON’T: Avoid using harsh or rough cleaners and sponges, Windex, acidic cleaners like vinegar, lime, lemon or anything with bleach or ammonia. The common use of these substances and materials will increase the chances of dulling and weakening the sealing of your granite over time. Basically, the tougher and harsher the cleaner is, the quicker and the easier it is to break down the sealant.


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