Brown Granite Worktops

Design Ideas for brown granite worktops

Granite has been the king of kitchen worktops for decades. It possesses everything that you need in a kitchen countertop; incomparable beauty that would make your kitchen glow with luxury and elegance, solidity and strength to endure all the wear and tear of kitchens, and longevity and durability that would make your top remain in perfect shape for years to come! If you want to explore an array of options and designing ideas in your kitchen, then neutral shades will be your helping hand. Granite brown shades are various and come in a variety of veining and patterns.

Indulge your kitchen in waves of cream, caramel and chocolate hues!

Granite brown colors are rich with simplicity and beauty. It ranges from dark brown shades like Tan brown and Baltic brown, to the lighter shades like Ivory Cream and Kashmir Gold. The edge quality about brown shades is that they are very flexible and versatile and can be paired with any color and harmoniously blend in any kitchen’s design. Whether you are opting for a classic or a modern look, a brown granite worktops will fit in effortlessly! These few design ideas will give you some playing ground if you are going for a brown work surface.

Baltic brown granite worktop

Baltic brown

Tan Brown granite worktop

Tan Brown

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The Country Kitchen Design  Yes, it is the modern era, but the simple country kitchen design will always remain a hot ticket! Blending simplicity with warmth will create the ideal look of a kitchen which is elegant, inviting and comfy. Selecting one of the darker brown shades can be paired with lighter wooden cabinets, and if you are going for cream or caramel, opt for a darker shade in cabinets to achieve an elegant contrast. Combine it with some earthy stony backsplash to complete the country look! Some flowers or plants will also add the green touch for an idyllic kitchen look.

A Modern Touch with brown granite worktops

Brown granite worktops will also be ideal for a modern look. With its versatility and neutrality, it will give you more room to explore and venture exotic designing ideas, as it can be matched with white and neutral brownish colors, to colorful and bright hues like red or orange. You can pair a brown top with modern wooden cabinets and accentuate it with colorful or mosaic backsplash to give it more depth and detail. For a bolder look, you can match a creamy granite top with bright colors; either in cabinets or your wall paint. The contrast in colors will give your kitchen an exquisite offbeat look.

At, we have a variety of brown granite shades that will suit all styles and designs. We have been serving the UK market for years and we take pride in our good reputation in reaching customers’ satisfaction through offering high-quality granite at affordable prices. Our quality is certified from both Trustmark and the Customer Protection Association (CPA), and our prices are simply unbeatable in the market! By choosing us, you will have your peace of mind as we will take care of everything for you, from designing and supply to fitting and installation.

With us granite has become easy and affordable!

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