Blue Granite Worktops

Design Ideas for Blue Granite

Colors are a vital component in any room. Not only does it play a major role in highlighting the overall theme and design of the room, but also it is what spreads the specific vibe and mood you are going after! Therefore, when picking out the color scheme of your kitchen, you should consider various factors; from the room’s width and dimensions, the lightening, the overall design, and of course your personal preference and style.

Designing or renovating your kitchen usually starts with selecting the general design and whether you are opting for a classic or a modern look, and then comes the selection of appliances, cabinets, worktop, backsplash and floor tiles and wall paint. If you are considering granite for your kitchen countertop, then this is where you must begin. Settling down on the color of your worktop makes it easier to choose the other items in accordance with it. You would not want to have all your kitchen design set and ready and then wonder how you will incorporate your blue granite top in it.

A Splash of Sea Breeze inside your Kitchen!

Imagine this soothing feeling; with the clear blue water of an ocean shutting everything down before you, the fresh sea breeze tickling your skin, and that salty aroma of the sea waves filling your nostrils. Nothing can beat up this wondrous feeling and we all need this dose of peacefulness every once and awhile. A blue granite top in your kitchen can magically give you a glimpse of this glorious atmosphere and fill your kitchen with waves of tranquility and serenity; a vibe that is needed in any kitchen to get a comfy and inviting feeling for the most important room in the house. Mixing and matching your blue granite worktops will be an exciting experience, as you can play much with a blue color.

A classic look is always the hot ticket!

A blue granite work surface does not need so much fuss around it; it is a piece of exquisite beauty that can effortlessly pull off a fantastic look with the most basic ingredients! Pair it with traditional wooden cabinets, either dark or light and simply let nature do its wonders! Accentuate this look with a wonderful backsplash to give it an extra edge.

Blue pearl granite worktop

Blue pearl

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Extra Dosage of Peacefulness and Tranquility

Blue and white are always the godly perfect combination. With each color complementing and flattering the other, the result is always astonishingly beautiful! Splendid blue granite worktops paired with white cabinets and embellished with a colorful backsplash is the perfect recipe for a welcoming and soothing vibe.

A Modern and Hip Look!

For a modern or an ultra modern design, a granite blue top will be the cherry on top! You can go for a darker shade of blue for your cabinets and match it with a beautiful blue pearl granite worktop and you are in for an elegant, off-beat look that would be the admiration of all your friends.


At, we have an amazing collection of granite worktops in all shades and veining. Our beautiful blue pearl granite is available at affordable price and you can contact us now for a free quotation or speak to one of our specialists about other trends and designing ideas in kitchen remodeling.

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