Save renovation costs by reusing granite worktops

save-moneyAre you renovating your home? Have you discovered that renovation can end up emptying your pockets? No worries, this is normal. During any renovation project, some expenses end up being more than expected. This is why giving yourself a space to go above the budget may turn out to be a good idea, but also looking to cut some expenses is a much better idea. A good way to reduce the costs of your renovation project is to reuse the granite worktops you already have. This ought to save you a good amount of cash that can be used elsewhere.

Prepare Yourself to Reuse Your Granite Worktop

Since any renovation project can indeed go above budget in no time, trimming the costs here and there is necessary. You might also consider reusing other materials that you already have other than the granite worktops. Granite worktops cost a lot so reusing the old ones you have can help keep money matters under control.

Undoubtedly, it is very important to prepare yourself for what comes with sticking with the old granite worktops. The first issue is the limit of design. Where you will not be able to do remodeling that involves changing the previous design of kitchen or bathroom.

If you are thinking of expanding or enlarging the counter space, there might not be enough granite to fit it. And even if you decide to buy more granite to make up for the expanded space, it will almost impossible to match the granite that you already have. Granite is a natural stone. It is not even possible to find two granite slabs that look exactly alike.

 If you are planning to keep the counter space the same size, it could work for your benefit. All that is needed is proper removing and reinstalling of the old granite worktops.

Another issue with reusing the old granite worktops is damage during removing it from its old place and reinstalling it. Granite is unbelievably heavy and so hard to maneuver. There is always a risk of cracking the granite worktop during the moving and removing process. The proper way to move the granite worktop is for a few people to hold it along its length, placing no pressure points on locations that might up bowing the middle of the slab.

How the Reusing Process Is Handled

Contractors will generally make you sign a contract, which states that they are not liable if the granite slab breaks. This shouldn’t scare you. If you hire the right professional contractors, this will end being just a precautionary measure.

The proper handling of granite is crucial. The most ideal method to properly remove and move the granite is inserting screws through the supporting plywood in the bottom of the granite. If the screws are not placed right, they might apply too much pressure on the granite causing it to crack. Nevertheless, if the screws are inserted correctly, they will cause the plywood to separate from the granite, making the granite ready to be moved.

There is also successful another method. That is moving the granite being still attached to the plywood and removing the plywood later with a chisel.

It is a win-win situation. Should the removing of granite and reinstalling be carried out properly, you will be the winner. Since you saved a whole sum of cash. Should it turn out to be a failure (mainly if you do it yourself), you can go for the option of buying new worktops. This will give you the chance to remodel your kitchen or bathroom in any way you wish. However, you can forget all the limitations of reusing your old granite worktop. It is worth a try.

Give Us a Call

There is nothing wrong with reusing the old granite worktops you have. The cheaper option might not always be the right option, but in this case, it is totally worth it. You can end up using the saved money on something that you would have given up if you bought new worktops.

We provide highly trained and qualified professionals to make the removing and reinstalling of granite a success with minimum losses. We are the right people for the job, no matter how hard it might seem. What are you waiting for? Give us a call and save yourself some money.

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