Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

Make Use Of That Hidden Space

Do you have a small kitchen that you need to remodel? Are there a lot of ideas you want to do but not much space to accommodate all these ideas? This is the right place for you. We are here to illustrate the ultimate guide so that you can make use of all the available space. Giving you an efficient and easy way to successfully get through your kitchen remodeling process.

Finding extra space to add to the small kitchen is the number one goal when remodeling a small kitchen in specific. Borrowing some space from an adjoining room can be useful. There is also a solution if there is absolutely no space to add, which is breaking down a wall of the kitchen and replacing it with a breakfast bar. The bar can also be used for both casual meals and as a work space. Imagine how functional, efficient and beautiful such a kitchen will be. The absence of the wall will give a sense of a larger room as well.

A Beautiful Small Kitchen Remodeled to Perfection by our Team

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The Key To Your Small Kitchen Dream

There are three important factors that should always be kept in mind. These factors are:

  1. Appropriate aisle space
  2. Sufficient light
  3. Adequate storage space

With small kitchens, making sure there is enough aisle space is the key. Ensuring that cabinet doors, refrigerator doors and oven doors can open and close freely is a priority. Enough aisle space allows a comfortable atmosphere while using the kitchen with a less feel of a cluttered surrounding. Also having a large pass through window allows enough light as well as a sense of space to the small kitchen. Moreover, adding adequate storage space to the small kitchen assists in containing clutter as well as providing a continuous tidy kitchen.

The layout

Aside from the three previous factors, the layout of the kitchen greatly matters. The two most efficient layouts for a small kitchen are either a U-shape or two parallel counters. Such layouts make all the points of work equally accessible making it comfortable and convenient.

The suitable appliances

Choosing the right appliances is crucial when it comes to small kitchens. You have the right to want and have all the appliances that add luxury to the kitchen in addition to making life easy. You can’t give up this right just because the kitchen happens to be somehow small. The key to having all the appliances yet not backing up the whole kitchen is size. Know all the different sizes of appliances. This way fitting them all in the kitchen won’t be a dilemma. For example, going for an 18-inch wide dishwasher can better suit a small kitchen more than the 24-inch wide one can.  As for refrigerators, the side-by-side doors and the French doors are better than the full width doors.

Knowing and understanding all the different sizes and models of the appliances will make finding the suitable appliance simple. Another tip for better use of space when it comes to appliances is having the microwave over range. This way the microwave won’t take up space from the counters giving more work space. This also can add a modern take on the kitchen.

Note that stainless steel appliances blend very well with dark green granite worktops as well as oak wood floors.

More tips and tricks

There are a few more tips and guidelines for remodeling small kitchens. As a rule, the fewer the interruption in the counter tops the more the work space will be convenient. There are also some visual tricks to make the kitchen seem bigger than it really is. Building in a mirror back splash is one of those tricks. The mirrors will seem to add more space to the kitchen so it would look and feel larger than its original size. Also having the cabinets in light colors like white or beige will open up the kitchen giving a more spacious feeling, as opposed to darker colors like brown and black.

One of the latest tricks to obtain more workspace is a cutting board that slides over the sink. This way the sink space can be utilized as workspace if needed.

Can we help?

You have come to the right people. We can help you make a small kitchen the absolute dream kitchen. The small space can’t limit your dreams and won’t limit our work. Let us work miracles and give you the best remodeled kitchen you can get regardless of its size, shape or condition.Contact Us Here

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