Quartz Installation: Kitchens And Bathrooms

Silestone countertops can help you achieve the London appearance in your kitchen. Not only is Silestone long-lasting but also simple to wash, can handle pots and pans and is beautiful. Both edge style and the colour influences its total look. Straight edges look modern and spare, whilst a softer profile is created by a bevelled edge to compliment any room layout. Browse our distinct ranges here.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel appliances really are a popular pick, in the event you’re seeking to create an urban feel in your kitchen. Appliances such as cookers refrigerators and dishwashers appear terrific.

Also, stainless steel splashbacks will allow you to create that London look. Stainless steel appears smart, but marks readily, though this is less of a problem with splashbacks, which get fewer fingermarks than worktops or unit doors.

Cool colours are perfect to reach a minimalist city kitchen feel. Using these colours will create a modern feel; add a dash of red, yellow and sometimes even lavender, if you wish to brighten up the room a little.

A must have kitchen appliance is the induction hob, heats up very quickly and its super efficient; perfect for those Londoners constantly away from home.

An espresso machine can also be a must have in your London Kitchen. I think the Francis X7.1 would go absolutely in a modern London kitchen and will likely be ideal to get a pick-me-up on those early mornings. You’ll need a wine cooler too, to keep bottles at optimum temperature, once you have got the coffee maker.

Let us not forget American style fridge freezers that are outsized having an ice maker, which are every Kitchen lover’s dream; a London kitchen would not be complete without one.

All of us understand while you wash up, so why not conceal an LCD screen behind a unit door for TV, washing up is a chore.

Having enough room can not be easy, especially when there are so many tempting gadgets out there. Try giving away everything you don’t use regularly, for example that fondue set that’s been remaining at the back of the cupboard for the last 5 years.

Make your cabinets go is an effective strategy to create space. Additionally by making the cupboard doors glass, this will automatically make your kitchen seem larger. Save room at the end of a cabinet run to get a tall cabinet; most kitchens do not have space for a walk in pantry so tall cupboards are useful choice.

In addition, another terrific approach to optimise your storage is by hiding small appliances in cabinets, nevertheless make sure that you prevent access and tambour doors as the are awkward to flip up.

An island is essential should you like to entertain then. Make sure to have enough room and add storage underneath and appliance together with the countertop. Be sure and keep the colours of the island like the remainder of the area the countertop matches the remainder of your kitchen.

Although you may fancy yourself Superman, it is best to attend to a professional when it comes to installing quartz countertops. It is a very hard process, very costly, but very worth it. Yes, it is costly but it is not a waste if it is for the beauty of your home. Not to mention that your countertops are the essence and the core of your kitchen, as well as the bathroom. You may be spending a lot of money, but you may think of it as long-term investment, giving you no trouble in the later years.

A beautiful Grey Quartz Installation in Kitchen

Kitchen Quartz Installation

The Process and Duration

Before any installations, to fully restore the space for your quartz countertop could take about twelve weeks, and to organize takes about two weeks. Installing your quartz countertops are mostly the last thing to do, concerning your house. Most importantly, before installing your quartz countertops, your cabinets, sinks and other items should be in its proper place. After everything is in place, you are ready. However, there is a common myth, that you must change your cabinets and drawers and replace them while remodelling. That is, as mentioned, a myth. In fact, there is a bigger chance that your current cabinets and drawers are in better shape and form than those that come with the countertops. In any way, along with the floor, the countertop surfaces are used the most in your house. So, it is best to invest in the countertops and the floors.

Things to Start with

The first thing you must do, in the installation process, is sketch it out. Draw a sketch of your kitchen, bathroom surfaces and a layout of the house. In the sketch, you must draw the exact location of your sink, fridge, and stove, along with any other additional inlays; that is for your kitchen. For the bathroom, sketch out the placements of your sink, bathtub, shower and your vanity.

After sketching your layout, you must measure your kitchen or bathroom, depending where you plan on putting your countertops. Once you get an overall measurement, measure the space or area for the countertop. After that, you’ll have an approximate estimate of the space you’ll need for installing your quartz countertop.  As for the bathroom, it is much trickier. You will need an accurate measurement, ad you have to make sure that drawers and doors will open properly, and not be cramped because of the size and space of the countertops. You have to be sure that there is space for everything you’re planning, such as the sink, shower, and vanity and so on.

Do you know the various quartz types?

Install Bathroom Quartz Builders sometimes choose of type of countertops called “laminate countertops”. This type of countertop looks elegant and classy when newly installed, but as time goes on, it begins to lose its brightness and turns dull, showing its age. So it’s best to choose the right kind of quartz countertop, and not to depend on the builder’s choice, after all it is YOUR countertop. To find out how much it all costs, it is best to go to the company where you chose to install your quartz countertop, and provide with them your measurements and the colour of your product selection.  If you want to replace your current countertop, with a quartz countertop, it is recommended to ask if the removal of the existing countertop is included in the cost, or if it needs additional cost.

Experts make things fast and easier

It is suggested by most homeowners who have installed their own countertops, to work with an expert, trained professional. The professionals will measure the space for your countertops twice and also clarify that your surface is cut and installed in the exact conditions you need. After that, the team of professionals will visit in order to finish any other gaps that need to be filled in the process, something you may have forgotten; they will also confirm measurements for the last time and discuss the sizes of the inlays. Some of the professionals may ask for a fund for the visit, and then it will be returned when you buy the countertop surface.

If all these are done, then you are ready for installations. Although it would be best to schedule a plumber along with the builders (in-case any plumbing or wiring needs to be reconnected). It is also best to remove the unnecessary things from the installation area, and keep the things that are going to be added to the installation close by.

Video: here is a video from YouTube that explains how easy its for experts to do the job
Video Credits (Michael Gent)

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