From the Quarries into your Kitchen

Silestone countertops can help you achieve the London appearance in your kitchen. Not only is Silestone long-lasting but also simple to wash, can handle pots and pans and is beautiful. Both edge style and the colour influences its total look. Straight edges look modern and spare, whilst a softer profile is created by a bevelled edge to compliment any room layout. Browse our distinct ranges here.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel appliances really are a popular pick, in the event you’re seeking to create an urban feel in your kitchen. Appliances such as cookers refrigerators and dishwashers appear terrific.

Also, stainless steel splashbacks will allow you to create that London look. Stainless steel appears smart, but marks readily, though this is less of a problem with splashbacks, which get fewer fingermarks than worktops or unit doors.

Cool colours are perfect to reach a minimalist city kitchen feel. Using these colours will create a modern feel; add a dash of red, yellow and sometimes even lavender, if you wish to brighten up the room a little.

A must have kitchen appliance is the induction hob, heats up very quickly and its super efficient; perfect for those Londoners constantly away from home.

An espresso machine can also be a must have in your London Kitchen. I think the Francis X7.1 would go absolutely in a modern London kitchen and will likely be ideal to get a pick-me-up on those early mornings. You’ll need a wine cooler too, to keep bottles at optimum temperature, once you have got the coffee maker.

Let us not forget American style fridge freezers that are outsized having an ice maker, which are every Kitchen lover’s dream; a London kitchen would not be complete without one.

All of us understand while you wash up, so why not conceal an LCD screen behind a unit door for TV, washing up is a chore.

Having enough room can not be easy, especially when there are so many tempting gadgets out there. Try giving away everything you don’t use regularly, for example that fondue set that’s been remaining at the back of the cupboard for the last 5 years.

Make your cabinets go is an effective strategy to create space. Additionally by making the cupboard doors glass, this will automatically make your kitchen seem larger. Save room at the end of a cabinet run to get a tall cabinet; most kitchens do not have space for a walk in pantry so tall cupboards are useful choice.

In addition, another terrific approach to optimise your storage is by hiding small appliances in cabinets, nevertheless make sure that you prevent access and tambour doors as the are awkward to flip up.

An island is essential should you like to entertain then. Make sure to have enough room and add storage underneath and appliance together with the countertop. Be sure and keep the colours of the island like the remainder of the area the countertop matches the remainder of your kitchen.

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Exploring the Ins and Outs of the Golden Stone

Granite is the most popular natural stone used in several renovation applications. Granite has specifically built a very solid popularity in the kitchen worktops industry, its many advantages and natural attributes have proved to be ideal for kitchen usage. An exquisite and unique visual appearance along with solidity and longevity, have made granite the hot ticket in the countertops industry. This guide aims at exploring the nature of granite, how it is formed, its natural attributes, from where it is quarried and how it turns from a rough stone inside the earth’s crust into a perfectly polished countertop in your kitchen.

Some Facts about Granite

Mineralogy_igneous_rocks-granite The word granite comes from the Latin word “granum”, meaning grain, and that goes to the granular nature of granite. It is a hard, igneous rock constituted of several mineral like feldspar, mica, and quartz. It is the most abundant plutonic rock in the earth’s crust and it is formed by the cooling of magma. The visual appearance of granite goes back to several factors. The mineralogy of the rock substantially accounts for its color, textural patterns and crystallization and this is the reason behind granite’s unique and splendid visual appearance which is one of a kind.

How Solid Granite is?


Granite is the toughest stone that can be used in construction and renovation, unless you are going to use diamond. It comes in second place in hardness right after diamond, the average density of granite is 2.75 g•cm-3, which makes it exceptionally hard and tough and this is the reason behind its popularity as a construction material. It is used in several applications such as walls cladding, floor tiles, kitchen work surfaces and vanity tops. It is also used in monuments and memorials construction. Granite’s natural attributes such as resistance to high temperature, weather, impact and stains are what have made it the most popular stone used in construction and renovation!

Which Factors determines Granite Colors and Patterns?

Various Granite Colours

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Granite is available in a wide array of colors, from white to pink to black, to red and green. The natural formation of granite accounts for its colors and crystallization which makes each granite stone one of its kind. The percentages ratios of each mineral inherent in the granite mineralogy play a role in its coloration and textural patterns. For example, if quartz is the prevailing mineral in the slab, which could result in white, rose or yellow shades. On the other hand, a high percentage of feldspar would give granite a glassy white hue or more vibrant colors like blue or green. Mica abundance, however, gives granite black, brownish, reddish shades. The uniqueness of granite and its stunning nature beauty is the anchor behind its popularity as a granite stone is a piece of art in any place it’s put in.

Mining and Quarrying


A granite quarry is more of an excavation site. At the beginning, granite used to be an incredibly expensive material that not anyone can afford, and that’s due to the fact that extracting granite from the earth’s crust was a highly laborious and costly process. But now with the use of the advanced technology, granite has become more affordable and home owners can now enjoy its beauty, uniqueness and practicality without breaking the bank. Diamond wire saws are currently used to extract and cut granite blocks in a fast and more efficient way than back in the days. Afterwards, the granite blocks need to be cut into slabs of the appropriate size requested Granite quarries are in every corner in the globe from Europe, Africa, to Asia and Australia, however, it is mostly abundant in countries like Norway, Finland, Spain, Brazil, India, and South Africa.

How Granite is processed into Usable, Polished Surfaces?

After granite is extracted from the earth’s magma, it goes into a serial of processes to finally be installed into your home, either as a worktop, vanity top or walls or floors flooring. To finally get a perfectly polished granite surface with a uniform size and shape, the slabs must undergoCutting, surface grinding, and edge cutting and trimming.

Cutting the Blocks of Granite

cutting-blocks-of-graniteAfter the blocks of granite are extracted from the earth, they go through a thorough inspection process to determine the most efficient way to cut them with reducing waste. With the aid of advanced technology, cutting granite has become easier and more precise with the use of the diamond-tipped bladders and saws. During the cutting process, the size and thickness of the granite slab are determined.

 Grinding and Polishing Granite


Once the granite slabs are cut, the surface is still quite uneven, and that’s why it has to undergo a process of polishing and grinding for a smoother and glossier surface. At the beginning, polishing process was made by rubbing with using water and sand, the process could be quite strenuous, but now with state of the art technology, polishing a granite surface can be easily done by a polishing machine that operates with a steel ring. The Polishing process greatly affects granite’s aesthetic visual appearance and with the help of the advanced technology, the process has become more refine and less time-consuming and more surface finishes are now possible!

Shape it up Your Way

Once the granite slab is all ready, it can be customized according to its usage! It can be cut intoany size or shape with any pre-cuts needed. The installation process is also quite tricky and that’s why it must be left to professional. The final step would be to seal the surface to avoid stains. Granite is a world full of beauty, lots of history, geography and technology, that’s why it is always good to know more and explore the golden stone before you plunge into fitting it into your kitchen or bathroom. Knowing more would make you choose what suits your needs and taste.

A Nero Impala Granite Installation by your Team

Nero impala installation

Nero impala granite installation












If you need granite consultation, we are here to answer your every question and walk you through the whole process, simply give us the call and leave the rest to us!

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