How to Install a Dishwasher Under a Granite Countertop?

You love to cook and bake. You cherish your perfectly painted French manicure nails and soft hands. You adore your beautiful and elegant granite countertop, yet it is time to install a dishwasher to relieve yourself from the nightmare of washing dishes every day! Your family deserves a delicious, freshly cooked meal, you deserve to keep your French manicure unharmed and your kitchen deserves the exquisite beauty of a granite worktop, thus it is time to know your way around on how to install a dishwasher under your granite top. With the ongoing increase in maintenance and handy-work expenses, it would save loads amount of money by knowing some basic and simple installation tips.

Like any installing process, you need to know what tools you would need and what difficulties you might face to ensure completing the process without any harm done to either your countertop or your appliance! Granite; being a hard and tough stone, can be a bit tricky if you want to install any appliance underneath it, therefore, you need to be armed with the right equipments and the basic know-how!

Tools you would need for your installation project:

– Power Drill
– Construction adhesive
– Wooden strip
– Drain Tailpiece

Step by Step Process

1. Firstly, you need to cut off the water supply from the entire house.

2- Open the inside panel of your dishwasher to have access to your power cord, drain outlet and   inlet tubes and valves.

3- Put your dishwasher underneath the cabinets and use a marker to highlight the cords locations for your drilling process.

4- Use your power drill to make holes the same size of the cords that will pass through it; around 1½-inch.

5- Slide your dishwasher under its designated place and run the cords through the hole and make sure there are no tangling in cords.

6- This step is very crucial! You need to level your dishwasher carefully so that it stays flat while the door is open. Test that it fits the space smoothly by opening the door and closing to make sure it does not bump into the countertop or the cabinets.

7- Now you need to securely mount your dishwasher into your countertop. There are lots of mounting kits that can be purchased; you can check with your supplier about that! The dishwasher needs to be mounted professionally since it cannot be attached directly to a granite worktop as drilling or screwing through a granite surface can lead to it being chipped and damaged. Therefore, ask your supplier for a solution or seek professional help to avoid any casualties.

8- An alternative solution to a mounting kit would be a wooden strip which you can attach directly underneath your countertop. This will allow you to secure the dishwasher into this wooden stripe instead of drilling through your granite surface and risk damaging it. With the use of the construction adhesive, you can attach the wooden stripe to the worktop and then drill through the wooden surface to secure the dishwasher without any harm done to your granite top.

9- Then, you need to connect the dishwasher outlet and drain line with your main drain pipeline. You will need to put a drain tailpiece with an inside inlet. By using hose clamps; join the dishwasher’s outlet and drain line together. Another hose should connect your dishwasher to the inside inlet in your sink.

10- Connect your power cord to your power supply box. Make sure you to connect each color of wire together with its pair through using wire nuts and then plug your cord into your electrical outlet.

11- Turn the water supply back on and test your dishwasher to make sure it is working efficiently

Tips and Warnings

– Make sure you read thoroughly the dishwasher’s manual and user guide to avoid any unforeseen accidents
– Before embarking on the process, ensure that you know all the details of the process and you have all the tools at hand
– It is always advisable to consult a professional if you are not sure about the process.

Remember by mastering this easy to follow installation guide, you can cut your installation expenses into half and save a lot and gain experience along the way.

For a live tutorial on how to professionally install a dishwasher, check out this amazingly instructive video:

Video Credits: Jennies Garage

Whatever your granite needs may be, we will always go above and beyond to meet and raise your expectations and leave you 100% happy.

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