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Advantages that make Granite a Popular Material

granite-benefitsThe kitchen is regarded as the central room in any household and with a great number of household owners opting for open plan kitchens, it is definitely fundamental to pay extra attention and care to the kitchen design. With the work surfaces being the most important item in any kitchen, choosing it requires lots of research to do.

The worktop is not simply an item that brings out the aesthetic aspect of your kitchen, but it accompanies you in all your cooking and baking activities, which is why choosing your worktop material is absolutely crucial. Granite has always been one of the most popular materials used in kitchen countertops, and we are here to unfold the pros of having a granite top.

For starters, granite is an entirely natural stone and is not made or composed of any composite material. It is a slab of a natural stone extracted from the earth and directly placed in your kitchen; something that definitely adds richness and value to your kitchen.

The second attracting advantage of having a granite countertop is how its value never changes! You will pay that amount of money as an investment as its price remains stable and you get to enjoy the luxury and elegance it provides.

Not only you will maintain the value of money spent on granite kitchen tops, but you will add richness and value to your overall property. Unlike cheap materials, granite will add luxury and sophistication to your kitchen and you will increase the value of your property as a whole in case of selling it.

This is what makes granite right at the top of the list in kitchen worktops materials; its longevity! Granite is a very durable and sturdy material that will remain in perfect condition for years. Therefore, spending money on a granite work surface is a wide decision, as it will last for years and it will be a life-time investment.

Another edge that every household owner looks for in a kitchen counter is how hygienic is it. Granite is a very sanitary material; with the proper maintenance and regular resealing, you can maintain a non-porous surface that does not stain nor harbor bacteria and moulds which makes it a safe material for kitchens usage.

Another great advantage that makes granite such a popular material is its heat resistance. You do not have to scream over a burn mark or a crack caused once u place a hot pan on your countertop, granite is the perfect option for you as it can tolerate very high temperature without causing any damages to your surface.

A crucial point that you should carefully consider when choosing your kitchen work surface is its maintenance and upkeep. Granite is such a user friendly material, with minimum cleaning and maintenance chores. All what it requires is annual resealing to avoid getting it stained. Resealing your granite worktop ensures that it remains with a polished surface and will not fade or gets porous. By just doing so, and you can have your peace of mind and never worry about stains or spills!

Add a Luxurious Touch to Your Home

angolian-black-kitchen-topsWhen we first decided to work in making worktops, we had our eyes focused on just delivering high quality products. Then we started looking up the definition of quality and found that it means superiority, the highest rank in classification, excellence, or worth. Therefore, we asked a random sample of people of what makes a good countertop and concluded that it all comes down to elegance and durability. On a search of the different materials on the market, we found nothing better than granite and decided to specialize in it.

The same way we at graniteworktops8 chose carefully what to work in, you should also be very picky in what you want to install in your home. Choosing your granite worktop is more of a life turning point. It determines how your kitchen will look for everyday for the rest of your life, because yes granite worktops last a lifetime or even more! Your choice will also affect whether you will struggle with special detergents every time you clean your worktop and carry out your routine maintenance or not. If you have not installed a granite countertop yet, let me tell you what you are missing out on!

Why Choose Granite For Your Countertops?

Granite is one of the most widely used materials for worktops and this is why.

  • Durability: When people think of granite, they automatically think of durability. Over the years, granite has been known for its hardness, solidity, and durability. It is the second hardest natural stone after diamond!
  • Scratch Resistance: Yes! Granite has shown a great degree of resistance to scratches so cut directly with your knife on your countertop without having to look for a cutting board.
  • Heat resistance:  You will never have to think twice before placing that steaming hot pan of yours on your kitchen countertop.
  • Resistance to Bacterial Growth: The nature of a granite stone does not promote bacterial growth as it contains various minerals that hare toxic and leave no place for bacteria to grow or live.
  • Granite Doesn’t Soak Up Water
  • Natural stone: Being a natural stone, it will not add an artificial synthetic look to your kitchen but will act like a jewel in your home or more like a diamond on your ring. It will add elegance, style and a more updated took to your home.
  • Maintenance: Maintaining your countertop in good condition has never been easier. With granite, you will not have to buy special detergents or spend hours cleaning. Wipe any stains off immediately with soap and water and your counter will remain as good as new.

Why Get Your Granite From Us?

One of the best ways to upgrade your kitchen and freshen up the look is to change your countertop for a luxurious looking granite one and when it comes to buying granite, we at graniteworktops8 offer the best. We offer you the best not just in terms of quality but in terms of prices too! We also have a very wide selection of granite stones brought to you from all over the world because every stone coming from a different origin is unique in terms of color and minerals included.

We will help you choose the granite stone that best suits your kitchen, deliver your countertop as well as install it for you. Our experts do not leave your home until you are fully satisfied with what you have purchased and fitted in your home. Moreover, you will also be advised on how to easily keep your newly installed stone looking as good as the day you bought it. Contact us now to get your free quotation! (We also offer samples upon request)

How to pick the right granite color?

Nero impala installationEvery household owner dreams of having a granite worktop in their home. With a granite top; you will not only increase the value of your property, but will also get to enjoy a piece of exquisite natural beauty that will add a dash of luxury and uniqueness in your kitchen. Granite possesses so many advantages that are the reasons behind its wide popularity in the renovation industry. From its uniqueness and timeless beauty, to its durability and hard-wearing nature, granite will give you the best of both worlds.

Granite Colours

Granite is an igneous rock that is extracted from the earth’s crust in slabs. It contains several minerals like quartz, amphibole, micas, and both plagioclase feldspars. The ratio of these minerals in the granite slab mainly determines its color. The range of colors in granite worktops are huge, it is offered from the basic shades like black, white and brown, to some bespoke and unique hues like blue and green. Granite as well can be provided in numerous patterns and veining, from the metal and glass flecks to shimmering mirror speck pattern that will definitely add more richness and depth to your tops.

Judging granite color samples

The most distinguishing quality about granite is its absolute uniqueness. It is a piece of nature’s beauty, extracted from earth and installed into your home. Each granite slab has its own unique color and veining, meaning that you will have a unique look in your kitchen that you will not find elsewhere. But how can you judge a granite color? To make sure you are getting the right color and more importantly the same color you saw on the online sample, make sure to go check a bigger sample. The thing with natural stones is that you might not find total uniformity and consistency in the color flow that is why it is advisable to check out a bigger sample!

How can we help you in picking the perfect granite color for your kitchen?

At, we offer you a wide range of granite colors and patterns. Since purchasing a granite top is a decision that lasts for years, we know how hard it can be to make up your mind. If you still have not picked a kitchen design, or settled down on a color scheme, we have a whole team of specialists who can help you out in this process. From ordering granite samples, to designing your dream kitchen, we will cover all the ins and outs of the process. Our team of professionals really knows what they are doing and they will give you amazing advices on the latest trends in kitchen renovation.

Our Granite Collection

We take pride in offering the UK market premium granite countertops at amazingly affordable prices. Our massive collection will suffice all tastes and complements any kitchen’s design. Our granite slabs are quarried from different corners in the world which allows us to offer numerous color and veining options.

Our black granite collection includes Star Galaxy, Absolute Black, Steel Grey, Angolan Black and Black Pearl


  Black pearl granite worktop

Our neutral and earthy undertones like Baltic Brown and Ivory Cream will fill your kitchen with warmth and intimacy.


Also, for a unique and exceptional look, we have stunning bespoke shades like Verde Ubatuba and Brown Shivakashi that will give your kitchen an incomparable look.


We still have lots of other granite options that will flatter your kitchen, simply give us a call and we will do the rest!

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