Black Sea Wave Granite

Black sea wave granite worktopJust imagine, you wake up and you walk into your kitchen. You go on with your usual routine of making coffee, and preparing breakfast. You sit in front of your pot of coffee and you watch it brew, you look down casually and you see a piece of the black Sea is on your countertop surface. It looks exactly the same, you start to imagine and you can even faintly smell the whiff of sand and salt, the feeling of sand in your toes and the wind in your hair.

You remember those days you spent by the beach of your childhood, where you would fly kites, play ball and build sandcastles. You remember swimming with the fish, and you could just see it, a school of fish swimming by. You remember the waves with all of its unpredictable highs and lows, and you could just the waves going up and down before your eyes. You sigh wistfully and long for those days, when you hear a sharp “DING.” Your pot of coffee is made, and you come out of that daze. Staring at your countertop surface has made you nostalgic and late for work. You pour your coffee and race to work, all with the faint smell of salt in the air.

What is the Black Sea Wave?

The Black Sea Wave is a colour of two of the most contrasting colours, white and black. The white and back blend and braid together giving off an elegant and chic appearance, and a dazzling atmosphere. The black sea wave resembles one big wave with intricate designs to add detail to the design. The black and white merge together to look like a wave with splashes surrounding it, making it look just like the beautiful, yet chaotic waves of the black sea. Along with the splashes, there are specks of white spread out all across the layout of the countertop that is supposed to look like the salty speckles that fill the water. Also, at the top of the design, is pure white, for it resembles the salty foam that is always formed at the top of each wave. Basically, our team of designers tried to make the design bear a resemblance to a big wave from the black sea that is just about to hit the shore, upwards and increasing in height.

Again, it is a very discreet and subtle design, but it is none like any we have done before. Our team of designers decided to go with the trends this year, with a unique touch of our own. The trends of this year is beaches and the sea, however our designers captured the night time atmosphere of the Black Sea, thus reaching us to the layout design that you can see below. The black sea wave granite worktop will add value to your home and give it a chic, elegant look to your kitchen. The black and white will blend with its surroundings, giving it a great vibe to it.

The Benefits of the Black Sea Wave

The black sea wave has proven to be quite popular, especially to office owners. They claim that the colour is not too dull, yet it is sophisticated enough to fit in an office space. Most of our countertop surface shades are reasonably priced, but after we found out how much the colour and design black sea wave attracts, we decided to lower the price on this particular product. Now the price of black sea wave is the reason people want it so much, and it’s being sold round the clock. We have clients from all corners of the country, demanding for their counter top surfaces to be a black sea wave granite worktop.

If you would like to order black sea wave granite or any shade actually, just contact us online. We can also answer any of your questions or listen to any of your concerns, if you have any. We are more than happy to help you in any way we can. In the end, as we always say in our firm, our client’s satisfaction is our top priority.

Contact us online and we’ll help you through. 

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