Black Pearl Granite

Black pearl granite worktopChoosing a colour and a design scheme is one of the most critical and most difficult of choices to make. Choosing a colour can be very stressful, because there are just too many colours. And the “what if’s” start crawling in your head, spewing questions at you. What colour should it be? Should it be a light shade or a dark shade? Do you want it to blend or contrast with its surroundings? So many questions! You could get a headache by just thinking about the process you have to go through. Well, not to worry. We do have a suggestion for you, black pearl granite is one of our most recent discoveries, regarding shades and hues. If you’re unable to make a choice, maybe black pearl granite worktop is the one for you!

What is Black pearl granite?

The black pearl granite is a wonderful granite slab that can only be found in the quarries of India. You can locate where the granite slab has been produced, on which side of the Earth’s crust, simply by observing its outer appearance. Although, we have to deliver the granite slabs all the way from India, we want you to have the best quality there is. The best quality is found from the quarries, instead of manufacturing them. Your best choice at a granite slab is getting it from their specific location. You’d just love how the black pearl granite countertop looks like, it looks like the inside of a pearl. Or a pearl smoothed out.

What Does It Look Like?

The black pearl resembles the inside of a dark pearl. The pearl is one of the most beautiful and unique of treasures found under the sea. The black Pearl kitchen top is what the surface of a pearl would look like if it was flattened out. It has a black, almost blue tint at the surface and it is flecked with white. One of our clients quoted “Although it is called black Pearl, I sometimes mistaken it for the stars.” Along with its smooth texture and hearty glow, you can never go wrong with black pearl granite.

Because the black pearl is granite, it has a lot of stand-up qualities. It has a resistance to scratches, which means you can chop, dice or cut anything on the surface, without being worried that it’ll scratch. Also, it can handle immeasurable amounts of heat and pressure, which means that it could help you place pans and pots, without the fear of it shattering under the blazing temperature. Granite is a very lasting material, so you won’t be changing your countertop any time soon. Granite lasts forever!

Finally, granite is a very easy solution to clean. You don’t need to buy a special kind of bleach or a specific detergent to clean your granite countertop. It has a very simple and easy cleaning procedure, much to the liking of homeowners and office owners alike. All you’ll need is a rag and lukewarm water and the stain will wipe right off. If the stain is brash and rough, you could use some mild detergent, anything you have laying around is fine. No need to buy anything special. See, easy! Along with the cleaning process, the polishing process is just as similar. Just a rag and some lukewarm water and it’ll be as bright as the sun, and as new as you installed it.

What We Have To Offer?

As one of the best granite suppliers across the UK, we also offer our services along with the granite slabs. It is our pleasure to help. We have a team of professional contractors, which are known for their punctuality and their quality of work. We only have the best of the best. We, also, have a team of designers who are great at their job. Whatever design you want, they can create and apply it to pretty much anything. We also have specialists who would help out if you have any questions or concerns. They’d answer any questions you have and give their professional opinion when needed. After all, as our firm motto goes, our client’s satisfaction is our number one priority.

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