Baltic Brown Granite Countertops Add Life to Your Kitchen

Unleashing Granite’s Special Colours

Baltic brown granite worktopMost of us have indeed heard about some of granite’s famous colours like the Star Galaxy, Black Pearl, or Baltic Brown. However, we do not really know what the difference between each granite colour is. In other words, what makes every granite colour special, unique and outstanding the way it is? On the other hand, what makes a specific granite countertop colour more expensive than the other does? For instance, it is well known that the Star Galaxy and black Pearl granite colours are one of the most expensive granite pieces in the world. Unlike the baltic brown granite which is not as famous and has a reasonable price. Even though you will be surprised if you knew more about granite’s baltic brown colour, its history, shades, and colours. I assure you.

Unfortunately, just like any other business, the granite market is full of dishonest suppliers and sellers. Who, if they can, are willing to get you a piece of rock, brush it, and polish it to make it look like a baltic brown or a Star Galaxy. Thus, unless you know what you are looking it, its origin, where it is shipped from, how it is processed in granite quarries, you might be the next victim to such suppliers. Hence, before looking for the granite countertop colour that suits your kitchen best, you might want to know what lies behind each colour first. Actually, let me tell you a little bit more about our baltic brown granite countertop.

Rapakivi Granite
All black, brown, and gold colours of baltic Brown granite is quarried from Finland. The baltic brown granite was originally called Rapakivi granite but not so many people know this nowadays. The use of the baltic brown granite was enormous in the old eras. Actually, Aland’s Middle Age stone churches were all built using baltic brown granite. As to countertops, baltic brown countertops are usually cheaper than most other countertops because of its abundance. In addition to being easily shipped from quarries.

One more thing you need to know about
Baltic Brown worktops, or any other granite you will be paying money for, is the slab size. Why? In order to make sure that you do not receive a pre-cut granite slab or pieces that will make your baltic brown countertop slab look so cheap and lose its glamour. Mainly because suppliers using pre-cut granite countertops usually cut them from rejected slabs. Then they mix and match these granite pieces to bring out your kitchen countertop that definitely has noticeable thickness deviations.

Different Granite Colours Yet Same Luxury
Undoubtedly, all granite colours are special. Each granite piece has a special design, shade, and essence. These properties contribute clearly to why granite draws a new shape for the countertops market. One word, uniqueness. Yes, it is the special feeling granite gives its owner that makes all the difference. Knowing and sensing that your house is incomparable to any other place on earth is praise. Accordingly, imagine your kitchen with the baltic brown countertop that was once used to build historical places that we visit today as tourists and say “Wow”!

Now if you’re set on buying a granite countertop, you must also make sure you know what to expect. Apart from the colour difference and availability, most granite slabs possess same properties. As when it comes to granite, functionality is what we are looking for. Whether you wish to use your sharp kitchen utensils on your new granite countertop, hot pots directly from the oven, heavy objects, and even liquid spillages. Being stain resistant, heat resistant, hard, and scratch resistant, your granite countertop is up to it all. Not to mention that granite countertops have proven to be a lifetime companion. Thus, you ensure yourself durability as well.

Efficiency, Durability and Splendidness in One Place

Yet, that is not what granite countertops are all about. Right? After all, what is beauty without durability? What gives delight like efficiency? Indeed, granite does not only give your place hard tool to finish your cooking efficiently around but it also adds a special spot in the kitchen. Whether you like light coloured countertops or you are more of a dark-coloured person, Baltic Brown granite countertop can grasp your attention. Check out our collection of granite countertop colours and don’t forget to have a look at our special baltic bown countertops.

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