Absolute Black Granite Worktop Sets Values for Luxury

Absolute black granite worktopBefore having a deep look at granite’s most luxurious colours, Absolute Black, let us remind you why you would want to remodel or refurbish your house using granite. Remodeling your kitchen worktop or bathroom tiles might seem like an accessory to some people. This might be considered partly true if you are just changing your worktop colour for instance. Nevertheless, if you do not have a granite worktop installed, now this calls for a stand. Whatever the material you have installed, durability, functionality, efficiency, and elegance inquire granite.

Granite Stands For a Lot More Than Expected

Whether you are comparing granite to wood, ceramic, laminate or even quartz worktops, all aspects declare that granite is a winning dice. Let us start with the fact that it is the second strongest material after diamond, which makes it a kitchen’s best friend when it comes to heavy materials and durability. Then the part comes when you know that a granite worktop is scratch resistant and heat resistant. Thus, you can definitely stop buying both the cutting boards and the hot pads after you install your granite worktop.

What is more is that you are free to spill any liquid on your granite worktop without fearing of staining. Moreover, unlike most other materials used in worktops is that granite’s maintenance, if any, is a piece of cake. All you need to do is clean your granite worktop using a soapy soft cotton cloth whenever necessary. Think about it, no need for hot pads, cutting boards, cleaning headaches and maintenance issues. What can you need more in your kitchen’s worktop or bathroom floor?

Granite Worktops Most Frightened Nightmare
Yet, some people claim that granite worktops have one drawback that turns the light off the rest of its features. That is the fact that granite worktops need to be sealed occasionally. However, there is an easy solution to this problem that does not require any effort, money, or time. Since this problem arises because of the porous nature of the granite rock. The best solution to make sure that no liquids pass through and in between the tiny gaps of your granite worktop is to apply a sealing coat. That is, a protective layer covering your granite worktop to prevent any liquid spillage from leaking through the porous rock.

The sealing process can be done easily using a special granite product called “Sealer”. A granite sealer is not hard to find or even expensive, you can find it along with the regular granite cleaning detergents for a very reasonable price too. Even though it might sound difficult and complicated, the sealing process is like shooting fish in a barrel. With a couple of easy steps, you can seal your granite worktop in no time. However, you only need to seal your granite worktop once a year, which is a perfect, fit for those who want to keep their granite worktop stain-free, shiny, and glossy as the day they bought it.

Absolute Black Granite Is ‘The’ Colour You Need

Although sealing your granite worktop is a bed of roses, it will not harm to find an alternative to having to apply the sealing process every year. Especially when you are too busy to think of your kitchen’s worktop or bathroom’s floor. It is also possible that you forget to apply the yearly sealing coat to preserve your valuable granite piece. Thus, an alternative is simply, a granite worktop that does not show stains! Is it possible? Yes. Do not let your mind go far. There are no granite types because granite comes from only one source in different locations; that is from erupted volcanoes around the world. Hence, any granite rock will have the same properties. However, not every granite worktop acts the same.

Simply, it is all about the colour. A light granite worktop colour such as Colonial Gold or Ivory Cream will make your kitchen look fabulous, yet, it will show every defect, seam, and stain you have. Therefore, maintaining such a worktop colour glossy is a hassle.

Black Granite Tiles Make a Pleasurable Difference

Unlike a dark colour like the absolute black granite, which gives you enough space to stain and unseal your absolute black kitchen tiles and worktop, yet will not show a dot. Apart from giving your place an elegant, classy, and majestic appearance, black granite worktops and tiles are a bless from heaven.

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