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Granite Worktops – Nature Creates it, We make it Perfect

This natural stone remains our most popular worktops choice due to its pleasing appearance and durability. Our superior worktop surface collection offers more than 200 colours and patterns you can make your choice from. We’ve got the perfect granite countertops for your job whether your countertop needs are for your kitchen, bath, or any other surface. Most of our slabs collection remains in stock and prepared for prompt delivery to our customers. Even if we do not have your preferred choice in stock, we have reliable sources to make them available for you in no time.

An Ideal Stone for Kitchen Worktops & Floors Tiles

There is so much that a rigid stone like granite offers when installed as work surfaces in your house. Its longevity and durability makes these worktops a great option for heavily used surfaces. To add more to its advantages it is available in every imaginable colour that you may desire matching your interiors perfectly. Being the most popular stone choice in the market, this natural has been awarded the highest performance and maintenance rating as kitchen worktops material.

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Why only Granite for your kitchens?

Colour Options: Feldspar is the mineral that governs the colour of the grain as it’s usually the most abundant mineral in every type of granite. However, if mica, quartz or hornblendes are constituted in considerable quantity, the colour of that particular stone may be modified.

Resistant to Bacteria: Physical properties of this mineral make it unsuitable for bacteria to grow and thrive. Various minerals constituted in all forms of this superior stone hare toxic and hence provide no habitable surface for bacteria to live and grow.

Hardness and Durability: Being the hardest stone after diamond, these worktops are a perfect solution for your heavy kitchen chores. Moreover, its resistance to heat and stain makes it an ideal option as kitchen worksurfaces.

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Why Our Services?

Your own reliable granite suppliers in UK

We are your one stop online store to supply high quality worktops to its customers. Our reputation as suppliers in all counties of UK including London, Kent, Essex, Manchester etc is untouchable to any other brick and mortar or online vendor. Needless to say, we have satisfied customers all over UK that you can speak to about our work and service quality.

Your own reliable granite fitters and installers in UK

Our work doesn’t finish after we have supplied the choice of worktops that you want. We fit the worktops or counters as you want them in your kitchens or bathrooms. Our fitters are leading industry experts who have years of experience in doing the fitting job to the complete satisfaction of their customers.

Your own maintenance advisors in UK

Once we have completed the fitting job, our installers will also advise you about its cleaning and maintenance for the future. Though this natural stone is known for very low maintenance and its resistance towards heat, impacts and other external forces, but nature has its imperfection too. Thus to keep it clean and shining as new it needs regular cleaning but with minimal efforts.

We understand how important is it for you to decide your choice as it is one of the key features while planning your kitchen. Thus to give you the best of all worlds we offer our premium range of worktops at much affordable rates now. So do not sit back as it is time to order your desired granite slabs and work surfaces for kitchens.

We are just a click away to order kitchen worktops of your choice. Browse our online collection as we keep on adding to our stock the nature’s boon in many different colours and patterns.

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Ever lasting and shining tops that become an important feature while planning your kitchen are now offered at much affordable prices here. Browse our website for our finest range of premium quality worktops and order your choice or ask for samples to get 100% satisfaction of the quality delivered.